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1.  Are you the Factory or Trading Company?
We are a factory. We launched in May 2019. The factory is located in the border area of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the transportation is very convenient. The registered capital of the company is RMB 50 million. Our factory is a first-class enterprise in Langfang Wen'an Industrial New Zone, with an annual investment of more than RMB 200 million.

2. What's your delivery time?
Normal order delivery time is 1-7 days after deposit received. Our production capacity is more than 150 units per day. And the regular stock is 1000 units.

3. What's you payment terms?
T/T, 30% in advance, and balance the rest 70% before shipment, or negotiable.
4. Does your product have a definite service life? If so, for how long?
For container house, under normal circumstances, the service life is 10 to 20 years.
For light steel building, under normal circumstances, the service life is 50-70 years.
5. Is it difficult to build a prefab house?

Easy to install, we will send you installation video and instruction manual to show how to install quickly. Or we can send engineers or installation team to the construction site.
6. What is your supply capacity?

We supply over 50000 units standard container house annually.


7. Can help to purchase the appliances and install inside?

If necessary, we can help to buy some appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, etc., to be packed in the container ship together with the container house.
8. What is the earthquake resistance rating of your products? Can it be higher?
Our conventional products have a seismic rating of eight. If there is a higher seismic grade requirement, we can also do it.

9. What designs do you have in different climates (How can the products adopt to different climates)?
Strong wind region: improve the wind-resisting ability of the internal structure. Cold region: increase the thickness of the wall, or use good insulation material, improve anti-pressure ability of the structure. High corrosion region: use corrosion resistant material, or paint anticorrosive coating.
10. What kind of technical drawings can you provide? Can you provide existing drawings of similar projects?
We can provide 3D views, 3D pictures, blueprints, foundation, plumbing, electrical, communication, fire alarm, installation, furniture, etc. If the project is urgent, such as earthquake relief projects, since we have participated in many projects, we have many similar project drawings, which can be used as reference for customers.

11. What is your minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order quantity is 100 sets.
12. Is the supply capacity perfect?
We have 4 factories with strong technical service capability, integrating research and development, design and manufacturing with strong comprehensive production capacity;National layout, multi-port delivery with rapid port gathering capacity, the largest container packing platform in China, perfect overseas after-sales service system, experienced overseas installation guidance team;

One of the highly automated producers among the integrated housing operators in China. With professional equipment and a number of domestic leading equipment production lines.
13. Design, production, construction, transportation, installation and after-sales service are these perfect?
We have a complete system from design, production, construction, transportation, installation and after-sales. And very experienced. If the customer have interest, welcome to contact with our sales, they can provide detailed information to you.
14. Have you been in charge of any large-scale projects in the past three years? What are they?
We have received many domestic and overseas projects in the past three years. For details, see the project display bar of the webpage.
15. Are your production license certificates, product type approval certificates and inspection reports complete?
Our production license, product type approval certificate and inspection report are complete. These are the basic conditions for many large tenders, and if they are not standardized, we would not be able to do so many large projects.
16. Could you supply the service of installation?
China's domestic projects: We can arrange technology and workers to install in the early stage.
Overseas projects: We can also arrange one or two technologies to guide local workers to install.

17. How can I get the quotation of the project?

If you have drawing, we will offer quotation accordingly. If you don't have design, we will design and make drawings for your confirmation, and then offer quotation.

18. How to get a fast quotation?
Just let us know the type, size, quantity, material of the roof, wall, floor and other parts of the container house, and we will check and quote for you quickly. For demountable container houses and portable toilets, we will quote within 10 minutes after receiving your specifications.