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Supporting Facilities


Project Name: The Rongdong Area C Community Relocation and Supporting Facilities Project


Following Camp 1, we have a resettlement project with a huge scale and tight deadline. The company has established a project team led by Project Director Li Shijie, composed of a strong team that goes deep into the site and communicates with the project in real-time to meet on-site needs, promptly solve problems, and cooperate with company production to deliver goods at full capacity to complete the task. The photo was taken eight months later, where hundreds of resettlement houses are already standing. I still vividly remember the crowded construction site full of excavations and flying soil. However, today, I am impressed by the speed of China.

 With sophisticated equipment and rigorous attitude, we produce integrated houses with the advantages of integration, standardization, universality, and modularity. Our products can be installed freely, transported conveniently, and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


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