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7 Stylish Shipping Container Hotels: A Design-Lover's Dream


Shipping containers are not just for transporting goods globally; they are also making waves as innovative living spaces. Repurposing these sturdy structures into habitable areas adds a unique twist to eco-friendly living. From hotels inspired by winemaking to properties blending seamlessly with their surroundings, these accommodations offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Discover the top container accommodations that redefine sustainable living and design.


Hougoumont Hotel in Fremantle, Australia


Located in Fremantle, Western Australia, the Hougoumont Hotel seamlessly blends a historic 1901 building with modern shipping containers to offer a unique and luxurious accommodation experience. Designed by Matthew Crawford Architects, the hotel features a maritime-inspired design, complete with custom furniture by Yoshio Takagi and contemporary artwork curated by Troy Barbitta. Situated in the heart of Fremantle, guests can explore nearby attractions such as the Shipwreck Galleries, showcasing nautical relics dating back to the 1600s.Tiny Urban Escapes (Indianapolis, Indiana)


Tiny Urban Escapes in Indianapolis, Indiana


Nestled just a short drive from downtown Indianapolis within the picturesque Eagle Creek Park, five luxurious semi-glass cabins await guests. These cabins, designed by Glasshaus, a renowned Canadian designer, are crafted from recycled shipping containers, boasting sleek and minimalist décor. Each cabin features an exquisite over-the-bed chandelier, a private deck adorned with contemporary lounge chairs, and a cozy ottoman for relaxation. Guests can unwind in the shared common area by the fire pit or explore the park using complimentary bikes provided with each cabin. Elevate your experience with optional activities like a Bohemian picnic, an alfresco dinner prepared by a private chef, or outdoor wellness sessions such as yoga and energy healing.


Contain Hotel in Treboutice, Czech Republic


Nestled along the scenic Elbe River in the Czech Republic, the micro Contain Hotel offers a unique accommodation experience. Designed by Artikul Architects, this innovative hotel utilizes repurposed shipping containers to create five stylish rooms. Each room features custom-made furniture, including a creatively designed tin tub washbasin and birch plywood walls and ceilings. With a capacity to host up to 13 guests, the hotel's geometrically arranged layout maximizes space and comfort. Guests can enjoy modern amenities and an outdoor terrace with stunning river views. Whether you're seeking a relaxing retreat or a unique staycation, the micro Contain Hotel provides a memorable experience amidst nature's beauty.


Beach Box Hotel in Baga, Goa, India


Goa, a sought-after beach destination in India, has recently introduced the Beach Box Hotel. This unique hotel features 16 rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and a swimming pool, all constructed from repurposed shipping containers. Approximately 70% of the materials used in the property are upcycled, with a significant emphasis on reclaimed wood. The container-based design is engineered to withstand seismic activity and the corrosive effects of sea salt for up to twenty years.


Hotel Flophouze in Round Top, Texas


Hotel Flophouze, designed by owner Matt White, repurposes salvaged items such as cabinet bases from an FDA laboratory in Brooklyn and countertops from an old Texas bowling alley. Each of the six shipping containers features a cozy living area, well-equipped kitchen, and inviting bedrooms adorned with high-quality linens and pillows. Embracing a technology-free ambiance, guests can enjoy music from curated vinyl collections played on record players.  Experience a unique and sustainable retreat at Hotel Flophouze, where eco-conscious design meets comfort and relaxation.


Headwaters Eco Retreat in Jupiter, Florida


Immerse yourself in nature at the Headwaters Eco Retreat in Jupiter, Florida, where guests can enjoy a unique and sustainable vacation experience. These off-the-grid vacation rentals, crafted from reclaimed industrial shipping containers, offer a perfect blend of eco-friendly living and modern comfort. Surrounded by lush native flora, organic gardens, and scenic trails, guests can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of urban life and reconnect with nature. Explore the beauty of the Loxahatchee River while enjoying hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.


Hotel WineBox in Valparaiso, Chile


Located on the picturesque coast of Valparaiso, Chile, Hotel WineBox offers a delightful wine-themed getaway with private terraces in each accommodation. The hotel's unique charm stems from its construction using 25 salvaged shipping containers procured from the nearby port of San Antonio. Repurposed furniture adds to the eco-friendly appeal, with former bathtubs and sinks ingeniously transformed into lounge seating, bed frames crafted from locally sourced winery wood, and decommissioned barrels repurposed as rustic barstools. Its proximity to Pablo Neruda's House and Museum La Sebastiana makes Hotel WineBox an ideal choice for travelers seeking a memorable stay infused with cultural richness and sustainable design.

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