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The overall appearance of the building


Project Name: Builder's Campsite No. 1


Xiongan New Area, a "city of the future," has been in the construction phase for several hundred days and nights since its planning period. With their intelligence and hard work, these individuals have resonated with the "millennial plan" to forge quality in Xiongan and contribute to the "dual-engine" development of China. Hebei Yimu actively contributes to this "millennial plan" and the future city that carries the heavy responsibility of national affairs.


 With sophisticated equipment and rigorous attitude, we produce integrated houses with the advantages of integration, standardization, universality, and modularity. Our products can be installed freely, transported conveniently, and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


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Address: North side of Park Road, Wen'an Industrial New Area, Wen'an County, Langfang City

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