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Flat Pack Container House For Kinds Of Office&Hospital


Long life-span up to 30 years


YiMu  has the thorough quality control system. We ensure all the material we use for our products meet the particular standard. For the main frame, all steel material are hot-galavinzed, all wall panels are integrated processed. Overall leads to an up to 30 years life-span of the product.


Product Advantages:

1.Flat pack container house Can be transport overall, thus can be recycled to service different projects without reconstruction.

2.Environment protection:no construction waste, materials can be recycled.

3.Nice capacity of water proof .moisture proof and heat insulation and sound insulation.

Note:Container house's  MOQ  is 10 set above.

  • Based on steel structure and light wall panels, composed of top structure, base structure, corner posts and 14 interchangeable wall panels.                                 
  • Can be stacked 3 storeys without additional external support.